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Mann Up!

Posted in FILM with tags , , , , on August 3, 2010 by dcairns

It’s decided — next week, starting Monday 9th, will be Anthony Mann Week here at Shadowplay.

The sharp-eyed among you might have noted the lack of an August edition of the Shadowplay Impossible Film Quiz. This will happen — but maybe not until after Mann week.

Meanwhile, this coming weekend I shall be in Klosterneuberg, where my film CRY FOR BOBO is getting screened at the Shortynale Kurzfilm Festival. I must say, it’s delightful the movie is still getting festival action nine years after it was made. Delightful and weird.

If I make it to a computer on Sunday, I’ll be able to post the first ever Sunday Intertitle Live From Austria, but this is not 100% certain to happen. And Saturday could well be affected too. But you’ll have Anthony Mann to look forward to, so I figure that makes us even.