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Them & Us

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New Shadowcast!

Fiona wanted to talk about Jordan Peele’s US, the best new film we’ve seen for a while… so we did. Here it is:

Hands Across America

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Really enjoyed Jordan Peele’s US  (the score! Red’s voice! the Lewis Carroll references!).

This isn’t a spoiler, but if you haven’t seen the movie it won’t make sense.

We waited to the end of the end credits just to enjoy the song, and would there be a post-creds zinger? My companions judged that there was not, but I thought there was.

There are two images after the end credits. One is a shot of an adult and child, facing away, holding hands.

The other is a shot of the whole world, seen from space.

The first shot has a caption, PERFECT WORLD. The second shot has a caption, UNIVERSAL.

Pretty scary in the context of this film. Apocalyptic.

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