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Blogney Bombshell

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MAE C CAGNEY AS MAN. The perfect combo of Mae Clarke and James Cagney. Whose face you gonna push that grapefruit in NOW, Jimmy?

I’ve pretty much run out of movies to give the Blogney treatment to. Warner Bros only listed their casts with illustrative close shots, names superimposed underneath, wiping from one to the other, for some of their films, between 1931 and 1935, as far as I can tell. And you can’t make a Blogney unless you have those conditions.

Here’s the Blogney which gave its name to all the others — a PERSONA-style conjoined face made from James Cagney and Joan Blondell.


Here are some more of my favourites. A decent Blogney can have either a great conjoined face, a great actor name or a great character name. A really good one must have at least two of these elements.


DAVID LONDELL AS GILMUGA. David Landau (Martin’s dad) and Joan Blondell again.


VINCE BAINAISH as FISHBOY. The disappearing half-hat is nice, though the changes haven’t really finished transforming the face — it’s all Vince Barnet (underrated character funnyman prominent in pre-codes) and only an eyebrow of J. Carroll Naish. But how could I resist FISHBOY?


ROBERT BATREE AS COMMANDER S. perfect hermaphrodites are rare, but this one seems a worthy companion to Joseph/Josephine of FREAKS.

I created such a large number that they will still be appearing in clusters over at The Chiseler for weeks to come. But now I need a new art project. I finished my glow-in-the-dark Death Doll.

And my steampunk typewriter will probably never be ACTUALLY finished but the major work is done.

More Blogneys (new!) at The Chiseler!


The Sunday Intertitle: Finally, Sunday!

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Very busy with a couple of DVD extra essays, one of which may be connected to the source of the above bilingual intertitle, but it’s a secret — if you guess what the film is, keep it to yourself or tell me in private and I’ll tell you if you’re right.

But, so you don’t go away empty-headed, here are a couple of links to The Chiseler.

I wrote a short “editorial” if you can call it that, inspired by the current situation in Gaza and by a comment by Daniel Riccuito on the theme of proportionate response. Here.

And I created some more Blogneys. If you don’t know what Blogneys are, go here.

Joan Blogney

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Joan Blogney as Roseer.

Daniel Riccuito started this by hitting pause during a Warners credits sequence as the screen wiped from James Cagney to Madge Bellamy. Above, Cagney yields to Joan Blondell. I made a set of these and Daniel has posted them at The Chiseler, where you can go feast your eyes off. Here.