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From the Cocteauesque finale of PATTES BLANCHE, a sublime Gremillon covered in the second part of my EIFF Gremillon round-up over at The Forgotten. This covers most of the major Gremillon features I haven’t already reviewed elsewhere, but I still haven’t said anything much about L’ETRANGE MONSIEUR VICTOR, which is a very good one — maybe I’m saving that for later?

Meanwhile, NATAN got some very positive reviews after the festival, including making two top tens (including IndieWire‘s)  and Little White Lies magazine’s top five. And a rave from Yahoo too.


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A fancy dress conga line could be the ultimate metaphor for cinema, or it could be just a random frame grab taken in desperation. Either way, the film it’s taken from, LUMIERE D’ETE, forms part of this week’s edition of The Forgotten, concentrating on Edinburgh International Film Festival’s retrospective of the works of Jean Gremillon.

Note: unless you’re logged in to MUBI, you may find the link doesn’t work and the article is very hard to find. So join MUBI! Meanwhile we’ll try to fix the link.

The Sunday Intertitle: A Summer Afternoon

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From MALDONE, screening today at Edinburgh International Film Festival.

Well, I was nervous for the Dublin premiere of NATAN, I seem to be just as nervous now. This doesn’t actually get any easier, does it? NATAN has its UK premiere at 3:20 this afternoon. Do come!

Been going around grumbling that I’m going to miss a rare Jean Gremillon short because my film’s on at the same time, but then realized that’s actually not too bad a problem to have, is it? If it were the only problem I had I could be pretty happy…

Hope to write about one or some of the amazing Gremillon films I’ve seen for The Forgotten this week. Things are a bit mad — the blog is somewhat quiet, I know, making it look as if this Film Festival is less busy than last year’s, but the opposite is true. I don’t have time to write more.

What else is on today? — a programme of animation in honour of the late Scott Ward, my friend and cinematographer. Scott programmed animation for Edinburgh for years, and this tribute is a selection of his best choices. My chums Morag & Emma are being spun about in a media whirlwind with their sensational documentary I AM BREATHING, which plays again at 4:25.

CONSTRUCTORS, my favourite Kazakh comedy, screens again, MONSTERS UNIVERSITY, one of the Fest’s big guns, commercially, screens twice at the Festival Theatre, Sarah Polley’s THE MAKING OF US is getting raves from everyone who sees it, and Billie Jean King is in town to promote the documentary she stars in, THE BATTLE OF THE SEXES.

I hope to still be conscious when Richard Fleischer’s THE BOSTON STRANGLER plays at 9:45 tonight.