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They’ve Murdered a Man

Posted in FILM, literature with tags , , on December 14, 2009 by dcairns

They’ve murdered a man at Ferrara by making his car plunge into a branch of the Po. In winter, with the fog veiling the countryside. The car was under water all night, headlights burning.

The story of this man summed up in this, his final moment, tells us little. Something else has to happen in that place, in the course of that same night, in the glare of those headlights under water. That watery light beating on the fog as on a window of frosted glass is too suggestive not to be utilized. And then there’s novelty in a narrative structure that starts from one fact — serious as a crime — to arrive at another with no relation to the first, except that it’s illuminated by the selfsame light.

Michelangelo Antonioni, That Bowling Alley on the Tiber — Tales of a Film Director.