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Your Halloween Costume

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Some guy in THE MAZE. While I would be the last person to attempt to dissuade you from attending your Halloween soirée as Lord Roger McTeam the giant Scottish frog from William Cameron Menzies’ THE MAZE (pictured) — the classics really are best —  I thought I might offer some more subtle suggestions. After all, as with sexiness, horribleness can be more effective if understated.

I forget what movie this guy’s in, maybe someone can tell me. I think it’s a Lugosi. But he’d make a great Halloween costume. All you need is a shirt, a bad haircut and his massive face.

Lon Chaney Jr. in CALLING DR. DEATH has a great look. The dark glasses and bathrobe effect — simple, disturbing, and yet elegant.

Or you could just go as this mildly constipated man.

Amaze your friends! Bemuse your enemies! This outfit modelled in THE DEVIL COMMANDS is really attractive, but perhaps impractical, especially if your host expects you to bob for apples.

If you have a small child, why not dress them as Paul Kelly, attaching a prosthetic head and upper body to bring them up to the correct height. Come on! You can’t tell me that wouldn’t be scary — actual manslaughterer Kelly, tottering and swaying towards you, his waxy, immobile face rocking from side to side?

From Don Post Studios.

The INNER SANCTUM guy would make a great costume. You’ll need a goldfish bowl and a table with a hole in it.

Stylish yet deadly. The handgun is very much part of the ensemble, so be sure you’re in an open carry state.

These two awful-looking men from VALLEY OF THE ZOMBIES wouldn’t make a great costume individually, I admit, but collectively — think of it, one side of you is the guy on the right, and the other is the guy on the left. People will think you’ve had a stroke. Terrifying!

Also from THE DEVIL COMMANDS. Because evening dress and electrodes is always a good look.

“You know me, anything in a pith helmet.” This one is maybe TOO terrifying? Fortunately I’ve forgotten what it’s from.


Not Twittering, But Drowning

Posted in FILM with tags , , on April 21, 2009 by dcairns

What is Twitter for? I don’t know, but nevertheless, as Jane Greer says in OUT OF THE PAST, “I sometimes go there.”


Spencer T. Campbell (pictured) seems to have a better idea than most — his Twitter-fictions, narratives, sagas, lifetimes and psychoses condensed into 140-character-maximum “tweats”, conjure universes of alienation, confabulation and the awry.

“I caught my wife in bed with the neighbor. So I broke into his house and threw all his food onto the lawn. The point was to escape cliche.”

or —

“I feel stupid saying this, but what really terrifies me here is the age of the homes. How can anything stay in one place for so long?”

or even —

“When films end, I stay in the theater as long as I can. The slow leak of the audience, the forgotten light, all pain me past interpretation.”

Follow him, you twitterers!

Heads I Win

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The Head Who Knew Too Much.

Here he is, by popular demand — the INNER SANCTUM head! He pops up at the start of the movie — I guess he was just a voice on the original radio show, but now he’s been partially encorpsified (the budget would stretch to a full-body reincarnation), introducing some CAT PEOPLE rip-off with Lon Chaney Jnr. as a college professor bringing back a jungle wife who does voodoo, or something.

And all I can think of is, I’d enjoy this much more if the INNER SANCTUM head had Lon Chaney’s part. As a college professor, he’s a wow with the students, who hang riveted on his every mysteriously echoing word, but as a husband? How can he satisfy his jungle wife, when he’s not only a head without a body, but encased in glass? “I need a man, not a marble!” she cries, frustrated.

A searing social drama, ripped from tomorrow’s headlines, cut and pasted together as a surreal blackmail note — “$5001 Or DA head GETS IT!”