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The Sunday Intertitle: Triple Whoopee!

Posted in FILM with tags , , , , , , on March 6, 2011 by dcairns

From BACON GRABBERS. All the funnier since this is Ollie talking to Stan. The concept is so absurd, I’m not sure it’d have worked as spoken dialogue.

From LIBERTY. The whole “first act” of this short is the boys trying to swap trousers in the street, to the (brief) consternation of a brunette Jean Harlow.

Ollie gets courtly in DOUBLE WHOOPEE. And this time it’s Jean’s turn to have her undies exposed.

I recall, in my dim youth, seeing some TV show on the movies — it might have been Barry Norman’s The Hollywood Greats, or it might have been earlier, but some interviewee claimed that Harlow, in preparation for this role, was asked if she owned a slip. But, being from Kansas, she didn’t know what that meant, so she just smiled and nodded. She was asked to wear it, which she couldn’t very well do. And so in the movie, the scene was slightly more risque than had been intended.

Probably not true, but I guess if I’d been on the set of a Jean Harlow pantie film, I’d have thought hard to come up with an anecdote too.

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