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To the Max

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Long-term Shadowplayers will have noticed that the Late Show Blogathon, like a senior citizen itself, tends to drone on long past its allotted time. We’re still at it — arch-limerwrecker Hilary Barta celebrates the final film of Max Ophuls with a mighty limerick which approaches the majesty of its subject.

Almost as good as James Mason’s “A shot that does not call for tracks/Is agony for poor dear Max/Who, separated from his dolly/Is sunk in deepest melancholy/Once, when they took away his crane/I thought he’d never smile again.”

Like a muppet Abe Lincoln

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Perennial Preston Sturges stooge Julius Tannen, celebrated in a short piece over at The Chiseler, based — closely! — on a conversation with regular Shadowplayer Randy Cook.

Another Vincent Price limerick, co-authored with Hilary Barta.

Reservoir of Doggerel

Posted in FILM with tags , , , , on November 1, 2011 by dcairns

I’m back in Edinburgh, after some slight travel trouble. “We will shortly be flying you to Edinburgh… but not on this plane.”

It’s time to catch up on the latest at Limerwrecks, where I’ve been rhyming up a storm for the Vincentennial, celebrating the man with the velvet voice, Vincent Price.

THE RAVEN gets rhymed up in this piece, which may teach you a new word for “crow” (“Stick with me, kid, it’s not much fun but it’s educational”). And I turn my poetic fancy loose on MASQUE OF THE RED DEATH here and here.

You’ll also find lots of fine limericks by Surly Hack, the host of the site (AKA ace cartoonist Hilary Barta), some with titles by me. I flatter myself I’m quite good at titles — if you have a thing lying around the house that has no title, tell me about it below and I’ll craft one for it at no extra charge.