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Monterey Gun

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Poster - One-Eyed Jacks_07

I don’t think it’s premature of me to reveal that my Big Brando Project is a video essay for Criterion’s forthcoming Blu-ray of the restored ONE-EYED JACKS. Here’s the announcement on their website. It doesn’t mention me by name, but it does say there will be video essays. Well, I’m doing one of them. Should be finished today, more or less! A fun job.

I’d tell you more but I’m saving it for the video essay. OK, here’s one fun fact that isn’t included: David Lynch’s Twin Peaks features a brothel called One-Eyed Jack’s. It also features the nonagenarian Hank Worden, who was in Brando’s film (briefly), and a character named Emory who works at the whorehouse, seemingly named after Ben Johnson’s sleazy desperado, also in the Brando. Seems either Mark Frost or David Lynch is a fan.

Things I read off the screen in “The Silence”

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ARAKAVSANI! With a fuzzy drawing of Prince Charles on the front page.

While screening Ingmar Bergman’s THE SILENCE for students, I got obsessed with the signage, as I often do. In this film, set in an unidentified Ruritanian country arming for war, all the signs are in an imaginary gobbledygook tongue, which I’m afraid just makes them more alluring to me.



CHIN VARIETIES — that’s a place *I* want to hang out! Later, we go in with Harriet Andersson, and it’s not a museum displaying chins through the ages — a Tommy Trinder here, a Charles McGraw there — but a music hall type joint with tumbling dwarfs. Which is almost as good.


And best of all, the poster advertising a movie Elaine May hasn’t made yet. I guess they were thinking of the Babylonian goddess, but I don’t know why.

“Relax… with a Skajnok.” I’m reminded that Bergman had experience in TV advertising. This is such a good product shot, it really shows — you can take the director out of the commercials, but you can’t take the commercials out of the director.

Not technically writing, unless we’re reverting to hieroglyphs, but a pretty good drawing of Fungus the Bogeyman by young Jörgen Lindström.

Of course it’s also interesting to note how heavily the film has influenced David Lynch, not just in its masturbation and dwarfs, but in the superannuated hotel waiter (who might as well have been played by Michael Gough, really, but is actually Håkan Jahnberg), a dead ringer for Hank Worden, playing a similar role in Twin Peaks. Even the names are similar!