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Leave it to Believer

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My complimentary copy of The Believer slid through my letterbox today like a rude, papery tongue between metal lips. It’s the annual film issue, containing a free Godard DVD of ultra-rare shorts, little pieces by myself, B. Kite, J. Winter, S. Salamensky, and big meaty interviews with John Sayles, Sam Mendes, Julie Delpy, Mike Leigh. (I just saw and quite liked TOPSY TURVY so my Leigh-phobia has lifted a little.) Michael Atkinson curates and illuminates a selection of Polish film posters, and longer articles probe the works of Guillermo Del Toro, Jonas Mekas, and Friedkin’s THE EXORCIST.

A thing for you to buy!


My own Polish movie poster, bought in a shop on Victoria Street that sadly no longer exists.

Stone Free

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Trailer for THE BAKER OF THE EMPEROR, which is one half of THE EMPEROR’S BAKER AND THE GOLEM, that Czech ’50s golem movie. Looks like fun! Seemingly there are two separate films, THE EMPEROR’S BAKER and THE BAKER’S EMPEROR, each with the golem in, and they are combined on DVD to form one super-production, THE EMPEROR’S BAKER AND THE GOLEM. It’s a stupendously clumsy title, but they mean well.

All this man-made-monster madness is by way of build up to our Week of Frankenstein, which kicks off on Monday. I will be watching and blogging about all five Terence Fisher-Peter Cushing-Hammer Frankenstein movies in turn.

Insert your best brains and join me.