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I Like Mike

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I don’t usually run lists on Shadowplay, but here are a few —

Mike Hodges Films I Love


I think these are all stone-cold masterpieces, worthy not only of enthusiastic perusal but STUDY. I’ve just been frame-grabbing GET CARTER, and it’s almost impossible to find an image in that one that isn’t bold and striking.

Mike Hodges Films I Admire


All really good stuff, and to another viewer they might belong on the first list.

Mike Hodges Films I’m Afraid to Watch


Maybe I’m afraid I’ll like them, or that I won’t like them. Anyroad, I’ve been putting them off a long time, which must mean something.

Oh, and of the TV work, “Dandelion Dead” is a stunner.

Another thing I don’t do much is commercials, though WordPress sticks some ads in. get an adblocker, is my advice to you. Your lives will become more restful and you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing you’re sabotaging the economy.

But this is an ad — you can buy Mike Hodges’ novellas here. So you should do so. During the years when the film industry has been disgracefully Hodges-free, he has not been idle. You CAN hear that voice again.

Seeing Movies with Mike Hodges

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Over at, there’s an interview conducted by myself with Mike Hodges, Britain’s leading exponent of the thriller, the science fiction film, and the cutting insight. Skirting round the edges of the monumental GET CARTER, we plunge into the less charted waters of PULP, THE TERMINAL MAN, MORONS FROM OUTER SPACE, A PRAYER FOR THE DYING and I’LL SLEEP WHEN I’M DEAD. Which left no time to discuss SQUARING THE CIRCLE (above), DANDELION DEAD or CROUPIER, alas, nor Hodges’ work crafting the English language soundtrack of Fellini’s AND THE SHIP SAILS ON (which sadly isn’t available on the US or UK DVDs.

Check it out: Mike says some pretty smart stuff!

Mike has a novel out:

Watching the Wheels Come Off

Pin-up of the Day: Britt Ekland

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Ah, Britt Ekland and a starburst filter. They go together like, like Michael Winterbottom movies and suddenly losing all will to carry on living.

As Jonathan Ross said to Britt, after referring to her famous dance in THE WICKER MAN, “thank you for helping me through those difficult teenage years.”

Caution: not “work safe” —

I first saw THE WICKER MAN late one Friday night on a b&w portable TV in my bedroom. Typically it was a Hammer horror or something similar. As a teenager I would watch the late (10.30pm) movie on STV, and if it wasn’t good I’d retune the set to Grampian, a channel that broadcasts to the Highlands, but which could just about be received, in crackly form, from my aerial. If the second movie wasn’t good I would just go back and forth between the two bad movies, hoping for “good bits”. These would either be the arresting images that can crop up even in the lamest horror film, or glimpses of nudity.

And then THE WICKER MAN shows up and completely blows my mind. This was no glimpse! “She’s totally naked  and this is going on for AGES!” I thought, in so far as I was capable of thought at the time. Only rarely would I discover scenes like this. It didn’t have to be nudity. I remember the kissing scene with Monroe and Curtis in SOME LIKE IT HOT impressed me as powerfully erotic, although the fact that it kept cutting to Jack Lemmon dancing with Joe E Brown was somewhat off-putting.

Interestingly, Britt appears in a second prolonged bit of ’70s erotica — in GET CARTER. Although that, too, is rudely interrupted: “What’s the matter with you, tummy trouble?”

Anyhow, here’s to Britt.