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Spring in the Air

Posted in FILM with tags , , , on December 29, 2011 by dcairns

In keeping with my contention that these are the daft days, our short season of Forgotten Pre-Codes climaxes with a film that isn’t even a pre-code. It’s certainly forgotten, though —

The Wrath of Cahn

Posted in FILM with tags , , , on December 15, 2011 by dcairns

It seems I’ve underestimate Edward L Cahn, based on his dopey sci-fi and horror monsterworks — over at the Daily Notebook you can now read about his early work, when he was full of fiery purpose, craft, discipline and kinetic ideas, and could afford more than one decent actor per movie. Actually, there have always been good actors available cheap, you just need to look for them, direct them well, and have decent enough material to bring out their talents. Something about Z-list sci-fi horror of the 50s and 60s seems to discourage this, somehow.

So: Early Cahn must be marked an object for further study.

Forgotten Pre-codes has now passed the halfway mark — and I think I’ve just found the musical I want to write about…

Pre-Code Unknown

Posted in FILM with tags , , , , on December 8, 2011 by dcairns

The Late Show Late Movies Blogathon is OVER — except, as befits the nature of the thing, I anticipate a late entry or two.

Meanwhile, the third in our series of Forgotten Pre-Codes over at the Daily Notebook today is SING AND LIKE IT. I’m kind of shuffling through genres, here — not sure I’ll find a good enough western from the period, but for comedy we’re spoiled for choice. This one is so good it’s really surprising it’s not better known.

Don’t be put off by Ned Sparks’ incredulous reaction above — he makes that face in response to everything.