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The Bottle Imp

Posted in FILM, literature with tags , , on March 14, 2019 by dcairns

It seems I don’t own a single image from my second short film as director, THE BOTTLE IMP. (And yet I’m sure I have a postcard SOMEWHERE.) And I never uploaded it to YouTube. I guess that probably means it’s the black sheep in my filmography, or one of them. It’s the one where the flaws are entirely down to my inexperience, even those brought about by my collaborators, because I *chose* the collaborators. And some of them did great, which makes it all the more disappointing that the film isn’t better.

I’ve just spent a dusty ten minutes guddling about under various beds and I can’t even find the prop bottle I modified for the film (with electrical help from my dad), which I *know* is here somewhere. And so this is to be probably the first UN-illustrated blog post in the history of Shadowplay, and that feels apt in a way.

The ancient short film (1992 or so) only comes because the nice people at Glasgow Short Film Festival are screening it, as part of a retrospective on the short film scheme that gave birth to it. So, with trepidation, it looks like I’m venturing forth to the city of Glasgow on Sunday to see the damn thing for the first time in decade. I’m expecting a bit of a reunion feeling, combined with a bit of embarrassment. Honestly, the film can’t be as bad as my memories of it. Robert Louis Stevenson gave us a good story, anyway.

They asked some of the participants to write about our memories of taking part in “First Reels,” so I did. Here.