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Euphoria #7

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“There are so many bits in ‘Boogie Nights’ that do it for me but

…how about the ‘Modern Love’ bit from ‘Mauvais Sang’?”

This example of Cinema Euphoria comes from Leos Carax’ MAUVAIS SANG and is the suggestion of genius comedy writer Graham Linehan (everybody in the UK knows FATHER TED, and the masses are now catching on to his current hit THE I.T. CROWD, but those of you elsewhere in the world, check ’em out! T.V. Euphoria awaits.)

I.T. the Terror from Beyond Space

Graham was super enough to plug this blog on his blog, with the result that my stats went through the roof. I hope some of you newbies will stick around and maybe even nominate some euphoric moments of your own.

Anyhow, it’s been generations since I saw Carax’s flick, but nobody who has can forget this delirious moment. Graham wrote:

“I love everything Carax has done with the exception of Pola X (or as I call it, ‘Pola eccch’).

MS is pretentious from time to time but it has moments that just make my heart THUMP inside my chest, Modern Love is just one of many. 

No, my official vote is for when the baby comes round the corner with Alex  in the same film.”

Since I don’t have a copy of the movie here, but some thoughtful person had already posted Modern Love on VousTube, that’s the clip I’ve embedded. Time I resaw this film.

Seeing Denis Lavant move about in a celebratory fashion (to use a phrase from Colin McLaren) will doubtless remind many of you of THIS (which is my addition, not Mr. Linehan’s):

Two-for-one Euphoria at Shadowplay!

Striking how many euphoric movie memories involve various forms of dance, a medium modern filmmakers have tended to either neglect or screw up hideously (Lars Von Trier, I’m talking about YOU), but which, addressed properly and with sensitivity, seems to have the greatest capacity for injecting happiness directly into the viewer’s heart, sort of like Travolta does to Uma in PULP FICTION, but in a more caring way.

Keep ’em coming!


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Regular reader B. Kite suggested I blog about euphoric scenes, little film moments that induce detectable amounts of happiness in the viewer. He nominates the clip below, and it’s a good one! The real bliss starts about four and a half minutes in.

“something abt this number just makes me incredibly happy. as well as a beautiful arrangement of a great song (the first!), it’s the FACES”

Reminds me of Kubrick’s nice line about the last shot of THE SHINING: “Every face around Jack is an archetype of the period.”

Nice work if you can get it.

Boy, if we could actually reincarnate in a Fred Astaire movie, just by freezing to death in a maze, who among us would have the courage to resist? It’s a very real problem.

Mr. K goes on:

“If I were going to nominate the greatest moments in movies, this wdn’t be in my top choices, but if we’re talking abt little moments that just make one v. happy…”

I propose to run a SERIES of such posts, with scenes nominated by YOU, the Shadowplayers, all you wonderful people out there in the dark! Send me links or just describe the scene you have in mind and I’ll try to get ahold of it (and Chris, no porn).

If, as David Lynch believes, we could solve all the world’s problems by getting the square root of the Earth’s population to transcendentally meditate at the same time — “And bango!” — then imagine what we could achieve if all the readers of this blog, the many millions, clicked on Fred Astaire at the same time. Let’s unroll some euphoria!

I’ll go next, to keep the ball rolling, but please, EVERYBODY, give me your thoughts.

(Oh, the film clip is from DAMSEL IN DISTRESS, directed by George Stevens — whom BK still doesn’t accept as a Great American Filmmaker, despite loving Stevens’ Astaire films — and it’s based on a story by the sublime P.G. Wodehouse, and features Joan Fontaine and Burns and Allen.)