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Watch Party

Posted in FILM with tags , , , on May 3, 2020 by dcairns


We’re having a watch party and YOU are invited!

The film is NATAN and the party’s on Twitter at 11pm Irish-Scottish time.

@dcairns and @MrPaulDuane (directors) and @eoinmcd (editor) will be discussing the film as it unrolls on Vimeo, with @silentlondon attempting to impose some measure of order.

NATAN is here.




Posted in FILM with tags , , , , on February 22, 2013 by dcairns

Natan – Trailer from screenworksfilmandtv on Vimeo.

My colleague Paul Duane has cut together a teaser trailer for our film NATAN — this may raise more questions than it answers…. it’s supposed to.

The voice-over comes from the beginning of the film. I wanted something that lent immediacy to this story from the 30s, and was influenced by the intimacy of William Holden’s narration in SUNSET BLVD and Jean Servais’ performance as the off-screen voice of Maupassant in Ophuls’ LE PLAISIR. I always got a chill when he says he decided to tell us his stories as if he were sitting next to us in the dark…

It was 4am on a freezing Dublin night. I’m habitually insomniac anywhere other than my own bed, so in spite of the world’s most powerful duvet, I was wide awake. Nocturnal thoughts during this period are normally quite useless, but on this occasion a strange set of phrases started circling in my mind, eventually joining together to form the speech you hear. It was sort of like an aspirin dissolving in reverse: fragments assembled themselves magically.

At 2am the same night, Eoin McDonaugh, our editor, was also having trouble sleeping. He came up with a second bit of voice-over. When we met up the next morning — the two pieces fit.