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Deathbed Pranks of the Great Directors

Posted in FILM with tags , , , on August 18, 2010 by dcairns

Bunuel had two jokes he contemplated playing on his friends and relatives, both involving his own death. He was a funny guy.

In Joke #1, Bunuel is on his death-bed, surrounded by his subversive friends. A priest appears. Everyone except Bunuel is surprised and puzzled. What can the great non-believer want with a priest? Bunuel proceeds to make his last confession, denouncing his sinister atheistic ways and calling upon his friends to return to the faith before it’s too late.

“And then I die, and I go straight to hell, because it’s all a joke I’m playing on my friends!”

In Joke #2, Bunuel is already dead. His family gather to hear the will, the disposal of “my vast fortune!” But the lawyer says they can’t start until Rockefeller arrives. Again, puzzlement. Then Nelson appears, and the will is read, revealing that Don Luis has left his entire fortune to the world’s richest man. “And my family — out in the street!” Bunuel would chortle. “I go to my grave with the curses of all my loved ones, a fine way for a surrealist to leave the world.”

Of course, he didn’t seriously contemplate pulling either stunt, but he did express a wish to be conscious at the moment of passing, a wish which, as the previous post indicates, was granted. Not sure whether I have any hankering to experience the moment of final dissolution. A couple of Woody Allen quotes ~

“Some people want to achieve immortality through their works, or through their descendants. I want to achieve it by not dying.”


“After all these years, my feelings about death have not changed. I’m still strongly against it.”

and one from Emo Phillips ~

“I want to die like my father did, peacefully in his sleep. Not screaming in terror like his passengers.”