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Jack Hill’s corruscating PIT STOP reviewed by moi over at Electric Sheep. Confession: I have never seen Hill’s vaunted blaxploitation films. What’s the best?

Peepshow Sheepshow

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CREEPSHOW! My review of the new, rather sumptuous Blu-ray is over at Electric Sheep – such dazzling presentation turned a movie I’d always considered, as Popeye would say, mediocum, into quite an enjoyable experience.

Holy Ghost-hunters

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When I wrote my review  of James Wan’s THE CONJURING for Electric Sheep Magazine, I was under the impression it was a simple work of fiction. This in spite of the warning at the beginning of the movie saying “based on a true story.” The hep Edinburgh audience laughed at that, all of us assuming this was simply a piece of FARGO-style hucksterism.

Apparently it isn’t — the Christian ghost-hunters depicted in the film are real people who claim this stuff really happened, and they’ve got the family depicted in the film believing it too. Which makes the movie’s slightly worrisome fundamentalist subtext slightly more worrisome. So when reading the review, please add italics in your mind to the more critical passages to try to intensify the concern.


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