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Vice Verse

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Chaney Unchained.

Plugging away at GHOST OF FRANKENSTEIN now at LimerWrecks — here, here, here here and also this collaboration  with ghost-host Hilary Barta. Despite the fact that the Universal monster series was really jumping the shark at this point, and GHOST OF is particularly hard to summon to memory, our odious odes are as fresh and pungent as ever.

There’s also this Edgar Allan Poe-m of which I am sinfully proud, and yet another on Dwight Frye.

And also lots by Mr. B, including a couple I feel deserve special mention — the true monsterworks here and here.

Alternatively, you could just read everything and using this link to the site.

A Heap of Tangled Lims

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“New thrills!”

I’ve been busy over at Limerwrecks, contributing to an epic series working its way through the FRANKENSTEIN films — ace host Hilary Barta and I recently moved from SON OF (rich in rhyming possibilities) to GHOST OF (something of a snooze neither of us can remember too clearly). Here’s the rundown on my rhymes, but you might be quicker just heading over there via this link and scrolling down — that way you’ll get the benefit of all the other contributors’ limerickage.

Or ~

DC on SON OF FRANKENSTEIN here and here.

DC on GHOST OF FRANKENSTEIN here, here (Dwight Frye again!), here, here, and here.

The Dwight Stuff

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Last Friday was Dwight Frye’s birthday, so we had a special Dwight Frye-Day over at Limerwrecks in honour of everybody’s favourite henchman.

Meanwhile, over at Electric Sheep, I peruse the peculiar LISA AND THE DEVIL, newly released on Blu-ray from Arrow Films. I like what I see!