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The Lady with the Lamp

Posted in FILM with tags , , on January 12, 2014 by dcairns

As long as I’m posting viral videos from my ex-students, it’s worth mentioning Duncan Cowles’ highly successful short short THE LADY WITH THE LAMP. Brilliant deadpan and durational comedy. In fairness to the department, I have to say that since Duncan was studying documentary and I teach fiction, I can claim zero credit for Duncan’s development as a filmmaker. Except maybe in looking unamused at his fiction ideas and highly amused at his documentary ones.

Duncan is one of those filmmakers who mines his family for stories — he’s so far made films about his dad (and his dad before him), his paternal grandmother, and here his mum. But the films do go beyond this apparently narrow range — RADIO SILENCE and SEAVACUEE use family stories to delve into history, particularly WWII. He’s one of the graduates I can say with confidence we’ll be hearing more from.