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Illusion Sails

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Zarah Leander says goodbye.

In theory this might be a rear projection shot with a miniature sailing ship drifting off into a cyclorama sea, but I want and in some silly way NEED to believe that the shot, from Douglas Sirk’s ZU NEUEN UFERN, was achieved in camera, with a really BIG model ship, as tall as the statuesque Zarah herself,  positioned not far from her in a forced perspective kind of a deal. That makes it somehow more poetic, I think.

The film is very good, once you get past the oddity of Nazi Germany making a valid critique of the British class system. It’s also a rare musical where every single eruption of song, apart from the music hall numbers, feels like a derailment of the film’s cinematic reality. It’s like seeing a musical for the first time, before you knew they were possible.

My Name is Legion

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Charles Boyer frocks up for Sirk over at The Forgotten, in the second in our little series triggered by the New York retrospective.

Behave, Satan!

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Red-hot monkey action in A SCANDAL IN PARIS. This fortnight’s forgotten considers this film, part of a trilogy of Douglas Sirk – George Sanders collaborations soon to screen in New York. Here.