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Posted in Television with tags , , , on April 19, 2010 by dcairns

A quiet day here, to allow folks to catch up with the flurry of activity that was Cornell Woolrich Week. Just this ~

Amid all the comments (mostly favourable) about the new Doctor in Doctor Who, the new assistant in Doctor Who, the new script editor on Doctor Who, and even the new Daleks, new theme tune and new titles, nobody seems to have commented on the fact that the show has, quietly but unmistakably, also acquired a new title: as the opening sequence attests, it is now called DOCTOR DW WHO.

What does the DW stand for? It would of course be lovely to think that is stands for “David Wark” in tribute to Griffith, father of film. But Doctor David Wark Who is a terrible name for a television programme. We must then assume the obvious: DW stands for Doctor Who. So the full title of the show must be Doctor Doctor Who Who.

Say it aloud: it’s brilliant! Well done the BBC!