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Have you got yours?

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My complimentary Complete Tati box set arrived from Criterion! I promptly exploded it all over our crumbling floor and took a photo.

I have a little essay in the booklet, in the august company of James Quandt, Jonathan Rosenbaum and Kristin Ross. This may not be the chunkiest booklet I’ve ever featured in, but thanks to the art of David Merveille, it’s the one that feels most like an actual BOOK. Gorgeous. Tati’s longterm relationship with graphic artists like Lagrange and Etaix makes this the perfect way to go, design-wise. David Merveille is here.

The Complete Jacques Tati [Blu-ray]

Order yours! The distressed floorboards are not included, but you will be one giant step closer to being able to mock up the above image in your own home.

The essay can be read at Criterion’s website, here,  if you’re not into the whole buying thing, but you would be missing unbelievably beautiful transfers of some of the most unbelievably beautiful films ever made, and some terrific extras. After reading the booklet in the bath — to my relief, the essay seemed to hold up, and I wasn’t saying the same stuff as everyone else — I looked at the openings of all three versions of JOUR DE FETE. Definitely the right choice to lead with the original b&w release. There’s a lovely doc about the restoration of the Thomson Colour version, though, a scientific-cinematic detective story. The negative appeared to be black & white, but somewhere in its photochemical makeup was the information to produce colour prints. A nice bit of filmmaking: when the detective finally manages to project a single frame with the colours of 1949 magically recovered, we faintly hear Jean Yatove’s unforgettable theme tune wafting in the distance…

My Tati video essay is here. An earlier Tati essay I did for Criterion is here. And if you’re not sick of the sound of me on this subject yet, I have a piece on Tati’s collaboration with painter-designer Jacques Lagrange in the new Sight & Sound. Voila!


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I’ve found a script I want to film — a thing that NEVER happens, usually.

Pleasingly, I made contact with the writer via this blog (and FaceBook). Which is kind of what happened with NATAN.

The script is about sex, drugs, celebrity, dying young, throwing pies, playing at life and being too adorable for your own good.

I happen to think it’s potentially very commercial, not because of who it’s about but because of what it’s about. And it’s exciting — things which are exciting are by their nature potentially appealing to a wide audience. More importantly for me, I’m just in love with it.

What’s needed now is a producer, because however much we grumble about them, they are the people without whom nothing ever happens. So I thought it would be kind of appropriate to use the blog to put the call out (while also using other methods) to see if there’s anyone out there who is a producer looking for a project. A producer with some knowledge and skills and contacts. Or, if you’re not that person, maybe you know someone?

The story takes place in Hollywood — it can be filmed mostly anywhere but it would make good sense to shoot it there…

If this approach doesn’t seem strictly professional, trust me, I’m using other methods too. Just thought it would be silly to have this organ at my disposal and not use it for this purpose. If you get in touch I can tell you more/show you the script.

Toronto Jewish Film Festival

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My destination today. But in order to attend it, along with NATAN, the film Paul Duane & made together, I have to go to Toronto itself. Never been. Should be fun.

If you’re in or near that city, come to my movie at the Bloor St Cinema!


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