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An attractive moment with a billowing curtain in Alain Tanner’s last film, DANS LA VILLE BLANCHE.

But since all I have seen of this film is this single shot, I’m not going to talk about it (but I must watch it, soon — it’s a lovely shot, with the fluttering notepaper in the bottom right corner of frame enhancing the pleasure). Instead I’m turning my attention to another film full of billowing drapes, gorgeously photographed. It’s a late film, it’s also this week’s edition of The Forgotten, and it’s by Teinosuke Kinugasa. And it’s over here.

Meanwhile, at Apocalypse Now, Scout Tafoya has scouted out THE most obscure and Forgotten entry from the ’68 Cannes Film Fest line-up (apart from, I guess, the one that’s still missing). Here.