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The Sunday Intertitle: Van the Man

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Since I made reference to Charles Vanel’s novel use of titling in his feature directorial debut/swan song DANS LA NUIT in Thursday’s edition of The Forgotten, I thought I’d show you examples. Anyway, I’m running about today on account of a film I’m making (yay!) so I have no time to do more.

Above we see the big decorative title cards which separate and announces the film’s major sequences. Nothing new there. But below we see the rather novel SUBtitle approach used for the very few bits of dialogue. These allow the exposition to be delivered without cutting away from the scene.


The nasty yellow German subs are courtesy of Arte and we can’t do a thing about them.

Night Moves

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Charles Vanel directed one feature film. Learn more in this fortnight’s Forgotten, over at the Notebook. Link.