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A Very Great Review

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This is from the July 1968 edition of films and filming:


  1. And there arose from amongst the people, a certain prophet and producer who took unto himself the name of Dano Sabatello; who looked down upon the tribes of spy films and saw that they were good for they made money. And he spake, saying : I too shall make a spy film that will make money.
  2. And he took unto himself as many beautiful girls and Italian technicians as he could muster; going unto United Artists saying : Will you distribute?
  3. And Uniter Artists spake, saying : Yea, verily.
  4. And Sabatello cast about him for one that could lead the people in the paths of righteousness and moneymaking.
  5. And he took himself up into a high place and gazed down and lo : saw one who stood head and shoulders above the rest. And he went unto him saying : Lay down thy business partnership as a building contractor and follow me; For thou art the brother of the prophet Connery.
  6. And Connery spoke, saying : Let there be money.
  7. And there was money and a contract.
  8. For the prophet and producer Sabatello saw that Connery was good and would make a lot of money at the box office because his brother was a great prophet.
  9. And lo : Sabatello begot Connery which begot the distribution which begot the finance which begot and begot and begot until it could beget no more.
  10. And when all that was done, Sabatello spake, saying : In my film there are many locations and many beautiful girls and Sean Connery’s brother and much money has been spent on it. And he named it OPERATION KID BROTHER.
  11. And on the seventh day he rested and was well pleased.

The film was lousy : but I enjoyed the reception afterwards.

The author of this review: Michael Armstrong, future director of THE HAUNTED HOUSE OF HORROR and MARK OF THE DEVIL, screenwriter of ESKIMO NELL and bits of LIFEFORCE.

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