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Hungarian Raspberry

Posted in FILM with tags , , , , , on August 23, 2008 by dcairns

Was Bela Lugosi pissed off that Boris Karloff got to star in a big-budget historical/horror spectacular, playing a Hungarian? In fact, TWO Hungarians!

Twins… one good… one evil…

Evil twin Karloff has murdered his disabled brother and taken his place as Baron, adopting a fake paralysis of the arm to fool everybody. Now he plots to wed blank-browed starlet Marian Marsh — but his brother’s faithful hound, Craig Levein (not his real name) has escaped the stately pile and entered the church, determined to denounce him.

The Impressive Clergyman binds Karloff’s non-pretend-disabled wrist to that of his betrothed, and says, “I now pronounce you man and -”


Man and woof? That can’t be right.

And then Craig Levein is pouncing upon Karloff, trying to clamp his slobbering jaws around the bogus baron’s throat, and in defending himself, Karloff waves his supposedly crippled arm about, thus exposing his imposture before the entire congregation.

Time for a SPEEDY EXIT.

Continuity gaffe: upon entering the church, the hound is visibly male (are those what they call “hackles”? Do they rise when he’s angry? I never know what people mean by “hackles”) but when he exits, Craig Levein is a bitch.