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Brunello Rondi

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I always meant to post more Fellini drawings, but that was last year. This is another illustration and exit from Inspiring Fellini by Federico Pacchioni, dealing with poet/screenwriter/director/swot Brunello Rondi.

“A written exam! Stuck at a school desk at night in a piazza in Florence, dawdling, hoping that things will get better on their own because the difficulty of the first essay topic that has been arranged is too much for me. Brunello Rondi has already finished; he gets up, turns in his exam notebook, and takes off. The second subject is extremely difficult for me as well. The truth is that I don’t know a thing; not only that, but I don’t care either. This was often my attitude even when I was a young boy and really went to school. The professor walks away, and I beg the girl at the desk near mine to help me … The girl is really nice and she immediately reads to me what she’s written.”

Pretty easy to interpret, eh?

Wicked Witchcraft

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New Forgotten! Fellini collaborator Brunello Rondi was new to me, as a director. But Daliah Lavi has previous form.

IL DEMONIO. Over at The Notebook.