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Touch the Rebels’ Bodies. Go on, I dare you.

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Britt Ekland + Pierre Clementi in Liliana Cavani’s I CANNIBALI over at The Daily Notebook today, via this week’s edition of The Forgotten.

It also features Delia Boccardo, which makes for practically a pulchritude overload. Brace yourselves.


The Wicker Roundabout

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Ali Catterall made this.

Awesome, no? Of course, it helps if you already know both THE WICKER MAN and The Magic Roundabout. While giving all due credit to the guy who first spliced audio from APOCALYPSE NOW and BLUE VELVET onto video from children’s shows, I think this one is neater and more startlingly apt. And Florence’s rendition of Willow’s Song is nearly as erotic as Britt Ekland’s.

The Magic Roundabout was a Belgian children’s show imported to the UK. Eric Thompson (father of Emma) was put in charge of dubbing it into English, and rather than work from a translation of the script, he just projected prints of the episodes onto his kitchen door and made up whatever he felt the characters ought to be saying. So there is a proud history of revoicing this show…

The clips Ali has used come from the feature-length version, DOUGAL AND THE BLUE CAT, also dubbed by Thompson for British screening (although the vagaries of ’70s distribution meant that I was unable to see it as a kid). There was also a 2005 feature, THE MAGIC ROUNDABOUT, a CGI dayglo atrocity with voice artistry from Robbie Williams and Kylie Minogue. How can such a civilisation survive? It won’t be long now, comrades.

Thanks to Steven McNicoll and Ali Catterall.

The Wall

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The torment of a man who knows Britt Ekland is naked behind a wall.

Inspired by the fact that Britt-searches seem to inspire a great many people to come to this blog. She’s so close, guys! So close!