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The Power of Love

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In which Tyrone Power takes a trip back in time, powered by a lightning bolt, like a Marty McFly avant la lettre. Over at BritMovie. Enjoy!

This can also be seen as a continuation of our study of the mighty Roy Ward Baker’s Hollywood period, begun with a look at INFERNO, and who knows, perhaps to be continued with NIGHT WITHOUT SLEEP?

The movie can be purchased here:

Tyrone Power Matinee Idol Collection (Cafe Metropole/Girls Dormitory/Johnny Apollo/Daytime Wife/Luck of the Irish/Ill Never Forget You/That Wonderful Urge/Love Is News/This Above All/Second Honeymoon)

UK Readers can obtain Baker’s finest hour-and-a-half here:

A Night To Remember / The Making Of A Night To Remember [DVD] [1958]

And here is Ann Blyth ~

Seeing Movies with Mike Hodges

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Over at, there’s an interview conducted by myself with Mike Hodges, Britain’s leading exponent of the thriller, the science fiction film, and the cutting insight. Skirting round the edges of the monumental GET CARTER, we plunge into the less charted waters of PULP, THE TERMINAL MAN, MORONS FROM OUTER SPACE, A PRAYER FOR THE DYING and I’LL SLEEP WHEN I’M DEAD. Which left no time to discuss SQUARING THE CIRCLE (above), DANDELION DEAD or CROUPIER, alas, nor Hodges’ work crafting the English language soundtrack of Fellini’s AND THE SHIP SAILS ON (which sadly isn’t available on the US or UK DVDs.

Check it out: Mike says some pretty smart stuff!

Mike has a novel out:

Watching the Wheels Come Off

The Full Brazilian

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vlcsnap-908716A decaying image from FOR THEM THAT TRESPASS.

An article on a couple of British rarities by Brazilian-born filmmaker Alberto Cavalcanti is now online at BritMovie. And it’s by me.

Go here. One day there will be an opportunity to gather together Cavalcanti’s work, from all the many nations where he lived and filmed, and stretch it end to end, and make sense of this fascinating guy.