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Chiseled Features

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Over at The Chiseler — new blogneys — a new Neg Sparkle for the plague year — plus Jonathan Rosenbaum on Herzog and more.

Here at Shadowplay, RIP Ennio Morricone —

Blogney and Racy

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Over at The Chiseler, a cryptic triptych of blogneys (definition provided) and a set of fun facts I have made up about pre-code personnel. The Chiseler — bringing you the facts other publications haven’t dreamed up yet.

Over at Limerwrecks, we continue to try to find rhymes for Peter Lorre, as in this collaborative effort. And the site welcomes Shadowplayer DBenson to its staple of scribes.

The Sunday in New York Intertitle

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From MANHATTA (1921). But never mind that! There is a whole new set of Blogneys available at The Chiseler. I’m running out of early thirties Warner pictures where they wipe from one face to another, allowing me to frame-grab strange intermediate actors (one part Blondell, one part Cagney makes a Blogney), but the films where they dissolve softly from left to right also produce some interesting, phantasmal effects.


Robert Jenkins as FARM BUCK.

You can thrill to the whole set here.