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Jazz Hound!

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Gold-digger Phyllis Haver embraces her “jazz hound” lover Don Alvarado in D.W. Griffith’s atypical BATTLE OF THE SEXES, which Fiona and I enjoyed in Kirkcaldy on Sunday as part of the Fife Jazz Festival with a live score by Jane Gardner. Enjoyed it so much it becomes the basis for this week’s edition of The Forgotten, over at The Notebook.


The Valentine’s Day Intertitle: Gold-Digger of 1928

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A break from our Mary Shelley explorations!

Off to Kirkcaldy, in the Kingdom of Fife, today, to see D.W. Griffith’s 1928 BATTLE OF THE SEXES, with Phyllis Haver as Marie, introduced laughing hysterically while reading Little Women at the beauty salon. This jazz age comedy is something of a departure for Griffith, who had rather steered clear of comedy since THOSE AWFUL HATS in 1909. Apparently it’s rather good, and the buzz of a live audience and live score make it irresistible.


Accompaniment by Jane Gardner, Hazel Morrison and John Burgess. I shall report back!