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“You’re going to hear a lot of talk about panties…”

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– here, on Monday, as part of Film Club. Spread the word in advance — the topic is Otto Preminger’s ANATOMY OF A MURDER, in which the former lawyer turns his vast dome to the subject of law once more.

The Future of Film Club

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I’ve kind of boxed myself in with this Film Club thing, you know — I’m committed to watching the film, then writing it up to post on Monday, then I have to get my Forgotten column ready by Tuesday, then Hitchcock watched and written up for Wednesday — and with the Intertitle of the Week on Sunday, that’s a slightly more rigid way of working than I usually fancy.

My solution will probably be to retire Film Club before I start back teaching in September, perhaps climaxing it with the Hitchcock-Film Club perfect storm of STRANGERS ON A TRAIN. But the idea seems to be a popular one so maybe I’ll continue it as a monthly treat, or revive it on a weekly basis after Hitchcock Year is over. Time will tell. I’ve been meaning to try a revival of the ever-popular CINEMA EUPHORIA strand as well, which has the advantage of being something that can run on a completely irregular basis.

The good news is that next week’s Film Club, as suggested by Tom Sutpen, of If Charlie Parker Was a Gunslinger… and Illusion Travels by Streetcar fame, will be ANATOMY OF A MURDER.


As Lionel Hutz would say, “Panties, panties, panties!”

The Man with the Golden Girls

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Otto Preminger: often seen in the company of blondes. 

A Blonde in Love 


The Blonde on the Street Corner


Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

Jill Haworth (and Patricia Neal) in IN HARM’S WAY.

Mr Blonde

Carol Lynley (with Keir “Dave” Dullea) in BUNNY LAKE IS MISSING.

There seems a pattern to these pixie-like blondes. And Maggie McNamara and Jean Simmons have pixie qualities too, even though they’re brunettes. But then one recalls Otto’s flings with Gypsy Rose Lee (who gave him a son) and Dorothy Dandridge, and one realises that even if there is a Preminger “type”, he’s far from predictable.