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Glasgow Kiss*

Posted in FILM with tags , , , , , , , , , on June 14, 2008 by dcairns

The rat-infested city of Glasgow!


What? Pictures don’t lie!

Hence, last Thursday night, for an evening of birthday celebrations with Morag McKinnon and Colin McLaren, respectively director and screenwriter of the forthcoming Scottish feature ROUNDING UP DONKEYS.

Facts gathered at this gathering:

1) ROUNDING UP DONKEYS may be ready by the time of next year’s Berlin Film Festival, in which case, watch out Germany.

2) Writer-director Hannah Robinson has won a smashing prize, the American Screenwriters’ Association International Screenplay Competition Grand Prize, for FIREWORKS, a script she co-wrote with Jonathan Hall. The pair hope to hit L.A., get agents and sell projects and get work and all that lovely stuff.

3) Popular beat combo Belle and Sebastian are preparing a feature film. I couldn’t find out much about this, since my informant was the band’s drummer. “The title, even?” “Sorry.”

Also present: Living Human People I don’t see nearly often enough: filmmaker Jez Curnow; cinematographer and all round good egg Kenneth Simpson; filmmaker and gendernaut Travis Reeves and his sister Helen, musician; actress/super-being Anita Vettesse; monster-maker Stephen Murphy — and many more! Collect ’em all!

*Glasgow, Scotland’s other capital, has, like France, lent its name to a special kind of kiss.