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Filmo Clubo

Posted in Comics, FILM, MUSIC with tags , , , , , , on February 27, 2010 by dcairns

Let’s get this Film Club thing back on track. 15th March looks like the best date, going by my diary (I don’t know about yours). How about Fellini’s THE WHITE SHEIK — his first solo feature? I’ve somehow never seen the whole thing, plus it’s available —

The White Sheik [DVD] [1952] in the UK, and

The White Sheik – Criterion Collection in the US.

The conversation might also take in LIGHTS OF VARIETY and the underrated co-director Alberto Lattuada, star Alberto Sordi, the fumetti medium, Fellini’s low-grade showbiz obsession, and inspirational silents THE SHEIK and SON OF THE SHEIK (the latter just fell into my hands so I’ll be watching it for sure). And whatever else we can think of.