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Friday the 13th

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I was thinking of watching and writing about Serrador’s last film as a callback to Project Fear and a sign-off to The Late Show, but it didn’t get done. The UK collided with an iceberg made of frozen evil instead.

One nice thing, though: Erin on Yasushiro Ozu’s final film, just in time for the great man’s birthday. It’s lovely and good for the spiritual hangover we in the UK may be experiencing.

Still, for all of this familiarity, the world in which these characters live is fundamentally unstable. Things change, inevitably, in ways both dramatic and mundane: people die, children grow up and leave their parents, workers are transferred to faraway cities, friends drift apart. It’s sad, but that’s just the way things are. (“Isn’t life disappointing?” as a young woman in 1953’s Tokyo Story famously puts it.)

On an altogether less pleasant note, here are some things I made for Twitter yesterday: screaming into the void, or gobbing into it anyway:

And finally —

Not a blog post

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Fiona: When are you going to write about my experience watching AKIRA?

Me: What am I supposed to say about it?

Fiona: Just that I had never seen it which was ridiculous and then I saw it and really liked it.

Me: I don’t know that I can get a blog post out of that.


Fiona’s reaction to the giant milk-bleeding toys: What? What. What the fuck. Whaaaaaaat?

Things I Read Off the Screen in Akira

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AKIRA is set in a dystopian future where people drink La Mer beer, which evidently tastes of seawater.


And Digital Dry Ginger Ale.