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Ben is in Fur

Posted in Fashion, FILM with tags , , , , , , , , on February 4, 2021 by dcairns

Has anyone out there seen Polanski’s latest and, it seems, intended to be final film, variously known as J’ACCUSE and AN OFFICER AND A SPY? Is it any good? I’m contemplating just buying the damn thing but I’m wary, only because I thought BASED ON A TRUE STORY was an absolute snooze.

And I also watched A THERAPY, essentially an extended ad for Prada starring Ben Kingsley and Helena Bonham Carter, and that was a bore — not even a crashing one, more just a muffled thud sort of affair — even though the basic concept of a therapist getting distracted from a tedious client by her supposedly enticing coat is, on paper, a reasonably amusing one. It even echoes the fetishism of THE TENANT and VENUS IN FUR. And I admire some of Polanski’s other bitty films, like his CHACUN SA CINEMA short which is just a stupid joke but is very well told, and it’s certainly one of the best in that rather clunky series.

A THERAPY actually makes me cross because I assume Polanski and his actors were paid insane amounts of money to do it. And while the actors and production designer do creditable work, Polanski does… nothing at all. I mean, you might think, for the king’s ransom he’s presumably getting (because I don’t think he should do such a project unless the money is absurd, since I assume he’s not desperate), you might think I say again, that he might consider maybe moving the camera? or doing something creative, something that perhaps a TV soap hack might not think of?

I suppose it perhaps comes down to Polanski’s artistic integrity, which is definitely, stubbornly THERE — he may have looked at the material and decided that this blandly efficient, unimaginative decoupage was the correct approach for the material, regardless of how dull the effect would be. In which case, I suppose, we should admire his rigour. But I would suggest you do it from a distance and not actually waste time watching the thing.

A THERAPY stars Gandhi and Mrs.Bucket.