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A Movie

Posted in FILM with tags , on March 11, 2008 by dcairns


Couldn’t get the sucker to embed, but if you click on the above it should all happen. Bruce Conner’s A MOVIE.

I remember when movies were like that! As a tiny kidlet, watching cowboy movies on TV, and not understanding most of what went on. It really was like a stripped-down bunch of cliches galloping across the prairie for no reason. When the good guy fought the bad guy, I immediately got confused. I kept trying to remember who was wearing which shirt or had which colour hair (people all looked alike then).

I don’t know if it’s Conner’s intention, but this piece brings back the confused state of childhood for me in a rich and mmmm, kind of pleasing way!

(Thanks to David Ehrenstein for linking to Dennis Cooper’s blog where I found this.)