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Losey Week Revisited

April 4, 2020

I did a week’s deep dive on Joseph Losey, years ago. This is another, larger deleted sequence from the essay I’m working on. Poor Evan Jones got cut, because it was just too sprawling and diffuse. Joseph Losey had been forced to leave to avoid testifying before the House Unamerican Activities Committee. He would gradually, […]

How Special Am I?

February 2, 2009

The Self-Styled Siren, author of perhaps my favourite film blog, has awarded me with a second Premier Dardos Award (can something be Premier for a second time?) which is a cause of jubilation and also some embarassment, since I didn’t give her an award (each recipient passes on five more awards) last time, but only […]


June 15, 2008

Joseph Losey Week spills out of itself and out of Shadowplay, over into BritMovie, where I drunkenly sing the praises of BOOM (A.K.A. BOOM!), thusly. I’d like to add that, since writing the piece, my enthusiasm for the film has grown, perhaps as my memory of it dims or perhaps as aspects of its high […]