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Mann Up!

August 3, 2010

It’s decided — next week, starting Monday 9th, will be Anthony Mann Week here at Shadowplay. The sharp-eyed among you might have noted the lack of an August edition of the Shadowplay Impossible Film Quiz. This will happen — but maybe not until after Mann week. Meanwhile, this coming weekend I shall be in Klosterneuberg, […]

Flashback Friday: The Reign in Spain

June 12, 2015

Continuing my trawl through past glories — I did an “Anthony Mann Week” some years back — Fiona complained bitterly that it was all too Mannly, but she did like WINCHESTER 73 a lot. In general, she’s had bad luck for these themed weeks, dropping in on films she couldn’t get along with (eg Losey’s BOOM!) […]

Made furious by The Furies

December 4, 2012

Guest Shadowplayer Judy Dean weighs in on a film last heard from in Anthony Mann Week — and she makes points about an aspect of the movie I think completely neglected to mention. Because of the nature of the questions discussed, the piece is unavoidably spoiler-heavy — The Furies is one of three westerns made […]