Fiona has written the programme notes for Hippfest’s screening of THE MAN WHO LAUGHS and you can read them here. Do!

My talk with Chris Heppell on the mighty stage of the Hippodrome seemed to go well. Unfortunately I didn’t flag up here the fact that you have to book in advance to see the thing online. It’s up for 48 hours, but for reasons I don’t understand you won’t be able to access it unless you already booked. Also I’m not sure WHERE it is. But I’m going to ask if it can be made more widely available in future…


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  1. Tony Williams Says:

    David, Looks really good – especially Fiona’s essay witth “background information.” Could you ask her to refriend or Add me to her FB group. Since Zuckerberg kicked me out three months ago giving no reason, I’ve been trying to get my old contacts back and many have been suspicious that it is a hacker request they receive. thanks, Tony

  2. I’ll certainly convey that!

  3. Tony Williams Says:

    Thanks you David. this is most appreciated and I’ve recommended Shadowplay to The Golden Age of Black and White Films and Stars on FB.

  4. John George mystery solved, I think. You said you couldn’t find him in The Man Who Laughs — isn’t he the duchess’s page, the guy who picks Gwynplaine up in a carriage to take him to Olga Baclanova? I don’t think I noticed his hunchback in that scene; it was his face that was memorable.

  5. Thanks! Of course! Specialist in sneaky assistants (and ape men, barflies). Never out of work with those credentials.

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