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Lap Dogs Only

Posted in FILM with tags , on March 14, 2023 by dcairns

Don’t know if this link will work for you — it’s a talk about dogs in early movies presented at Hippodrome Silent Film Fest and now on YouTube. Worth trying, especially if you like dogs, early cinema, etc.

My own talk is next Wednesday.

What else is new? Our friend Mary Gordon died. She used to comment here as FatBlackCatJournal, and would sometimes be referred to as Marvelous Mary. Filmmaker, activist, yarnbomber.

A neighbour also died, somewhat horrifically.

We live in a turn-of-the-last-century tenement building with a communal stair. This began to smell bad. I started to think, “I haven’t seen the elderly chap who lives on the first floor for several weeks, I knocked on his door.

He answered it. He hadn’t smelled a thing. But, he said, “I haven’t seen D___ for over three weeks. But his heating’s on. I can feel it through the wall.”

I knocked. No answer. I called the cops. They came and removed D____’s remains. But they left the windows closed, so D____’s smell lives on…

Happier news? We bought a new bed — the old one was causing us to awaken from a night’s sleep feeling as if we’d been worked over with baseball bats, CASINO style. So, maybe less insomniacal typos to struggle through on future blog posts?