Silent Talk

Here’s the program for this year’s Hippfest (Hippodrome Silent Film Festival in Bo’ness. Eagle-eyed observers will notice me listed — I’m doing a talk, All Faces are Masks, alongside Chris Heppell from the organisation Changing Faces. This accompanies the screening of THE MAN WHO LAUGHS and deals with the treatment of disfigurement and difference in silent cinema and movies generally.

I’m really excited (and nervous) about making this contribution to one of my favourite events in the film calendar! The event is also streaming, so if you’re unable to make it to Bo’ness you can still scope me out.


6 Responses to “Silent Talk”

  1. Do you happen to know if the streamed events will be available for watching later? Or are they only viewable live — early morning here, and there’s two or three things I know about myself.

  2. You will be terrific. Hopefully I can stream in Brooklyn.

  3. Thanks! I’ll post a reminder the day before the event.

    I’m not sure if the streaming event in this case will be made available later, but I can ask at my meeting today. I don’t see why it shouldn’t be…

  4. So, I know a little more now: there will probably be some repeat airing of the talk later, but it’s not certain when it will happen. Best advice is to book a seat, anyhow.

  5. Done, thanks.

  6. We’re very much looking forward to this event to kick off the Festival. The online live streams will be available to view for 48hours. Once you book your ticket you’ll be sent a viewing link on the day.

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