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The Lady Killers

Posted in FILM with tags , , on January 12, 2023 by dcairns

Latest arrival in the snail mail — ARSENIC AND OLD LACE from Criterion with my booklet essay. I also got a Criterion baseball cap and an Agnes Varda tote bag which I will be proud to model around town.

I haven’t missed catching a cold one bit! Thanks to lockdown and masks I haven’t had an infection since 2019, but this one is making up for lost time. Accompanying it is an eye infection that makes everything look like a particularly excessive soft focus effect. Imagine rubbing big dollops of Vaseline on your eyeballs.

So, not much film viewing going on in the Shadowplayhouse, and a limited amount of reading and writing. But the disease seems to be progressing (getting worse) so I hop to be more alert and productive soon…