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The Death of the Arthur: The Sword in the Stooge

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Still sick. My cough has developed nicely, though, which is a sign things are at least moving. Congestion and sneezing have been added to the mix, along with a couple of other symptoms too unpleasant to go into.

Part Four of THE ADVENTURES OF SIR GALAHAD has no amusing elements at all, unless you count the running joke that is King Ulric’s beard. The closest thing to inadvertent entertainment is the siege of Camelot. All the battles between the Round Table guys and Ulric’s Saxons are limited to about ten a side, which is more sad than funny. A major plot point, however, deals with whether Arthur should concentrate his defenses on the east wall or the south. The treacherous Merlin (!) is giving him bad advice. When the battle commences, it turns out said “wall” is a cliff face. Knights on top of the rock try to stop ground-level knights from scaling it. We’ve seen wide shots of Camelot (a painting) so we know it isn’t one-half natural landscape features.

The cliffhanger this time is Galahad being pitchforked backwards on a ladder so as to arc backwards to earth with a smash. Well, similar mishaps didn’t kill Basil Fawlty or Bluto Blutarsky, so I’m sure he;ll be fine.

The Three Stooges short SQUAREHEADS OF THE ROUND TABLE is misnamed, since there’s no round table in it and no Arthur etc. Lots of clanging with suits of armour though. The “romantic” lead is the improbably-named Jacques O’Mahoney, who would rationalise himself into Jock Mahoney and become a Tarzan.

Period detail is weak. Suits of armour are used as decoration, as in SIR G. The “dungeon” is transparently a western jailhouse, and the Good Princess Elaine sends tools baked inside a loaf to help our heroes escape, not a particularly Arthurian trope.