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R.I.P., Momo

Posted in FILM with tags , on November 4, 2022 by dcairns

We said goodbye to Lord Momo of Leith, podcat, shouter, thigh-warmer and furious reacher, yesterday. A day of mourning in the Shadowplayhouse.

It’s not a huge comfort or anything but rather than leave you with a depressing thought, here’s a more pleasant one: through the letterbox this morning came Eureka! Masters of Cinema’s Blu-ray of THE SAPHEAD, Buster Keaton’s first feature film, with a video essay, BUBBLING GRAVITY, by me and editor Timo Langer.

The stack of discs I’ve worked on is now higher than my eyebrows, though it contains a few dupes or doublers. Once I get my copies of ARSENIC AND OLD LACE and THE ADVENTURES OF BARON MUNCHAUSEN it may finally be taller than me, at which point it may be advisable for safety’s sake to find another way of storing the things.