Close to Midnight

Can I squeeze a blog post in with ten minutes of the day left, and make it worth reading.

not necessarily, but still I think this photograph of English filmmaker (Mr.) Walter R. Booth is worth anybody’s time. He’s been called the English Melies and I clearly need to find out why. It’s not just on account of his splendid moustaches, I’m sure.

6 Responses to “Close to Midnight”

  1. Now speaking of gravity, is the actor performing this in slow motion and expecting the film to be undercracked, or is the film just being played far too slowly? Or is he just tired? From his jump I think it’s the former, although it’s not an acting technique I’ve heard of. It certainly stops this being funny, whatever it is. I’d love to see it sped up though…

  2. Wow. Definitely played at the wrong speed, as you can see when he throws off each garment. A VERY skilled mime might be able to stagger in convincing slomo, but he couldn’t train a jacket to cooperate in the scheme.

    Playing the action faster would help not just the comedy, but the illusionist jumpcuts.

  3. I downloaded the film using Y2Mate then played it at 1.5 speed with VLC. It immediately went to silent movie speed, approx, and got funnier. I tried it at double speed and that seemed a little TOO fast, but was still coherent, since the actor slows his performance down for the reactions.

  4. Alex Kirstukas Says:

    If your browser shows a little “Settings” crank logo in the YouTube window, to the right of the volume controls, there are some very useful Playback Speed options there. For this one, 175% does feel about right—and makes for a VERY sprightly piano accompaniment!

  5. Thanks, good tip!

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