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Dead Queen Walking

Posted in FILM with tags , , , on September 9, 2022 by dcairns

I power-walked to the St Columbo’s Bookshop today as part of my exercise regime and picked up a pristine copy of Raymond Durgnat’s A Mirror for England which, despite an inadequate index which omits half the films cited, promises to be an excellent pointer to British obscurities for me to investigate. Then I got the call that I could drop off some discs with my editor’s missus for our next project. I was closer than I otherwise would have been to the drop-off, but not close enough so I bounded on a bus.

Unfortunately, the Queen is dead. I so far have had no particular reaction to this, but it turns out her body is at Holyrood, and will then be exhibited for her more necrophile supporters in St Giles Cathedral. While the royal cadaver is in town, the buses are all diverted. I have no idea why, but it did give me a chance to have an emotional reaction to the monarch’s demise — one of irritated frustration as my chosen bus veered off into the hinterlands.

More power-walking as I hiked across town to get to my rendezvous — made it more or less precisely on time. Then hopped on a bus which, instead of taking me directly home as planned, headed off into the back of beyond back the way I’d come. Sheesh.

Meanwhile, here’s another Emil Cohl film… but WHICH? It is NOT, as lableled, LES AVENTURES DU BARON DU CRAC (1910) — and even that film is actually 1911, per IMDb (but who knows?). I have seen LADBDC, courtesy of the box set Gaumont Treasures 2. This is not it. I don’t have Gaumont Treasures 2 to hand so I can’t see if this one is there under a different title.