Three jobs on the go now, and it’s marking time at college. I quite like being busy, though, and the marking is a short, intense burst (or it better be, otherwise it won’t happen on time). The projects are a documentary on a British filmmaker, a video essay on a silent film, and a text essay on a Hollywood classic. I can say no more.

Might be able to blog something this evening, but in case I don’t, here is an amusing photo of Claude Chabrol. Claude usually pulled a funny face when being photographed, but this one seems fairly natural. But still funny. Maybe the funny faces were a reaction against the fact that he tended to look funny even when he wasn’t trying.

The other funny face guy, of course, is camera-shy Mario Bava.

5 Responses to “Claude”

  1. Chabrol is sorely in need of re-evaluation. He’s most admired and remembered for “La Femme Infidele” and ucher” but I adore such early films as “Le Beau Serge,” “Le Cousins” and “A Dpuble Tour” Plus his “commercial” films are far from bad, particularly “Marie-Chantal vs. Le Dr. Kha.” His Huppert vehicles are almost a sub-genre. My favorite of all his films is “Betty” with Stephane Audran (they were divorced at this point but still working together) as an alcoholic driven to the bottle by classissues.

  2. Oh and I also adore “Les Bonnes Femmes” and his penultimate film “A GirlCut in Two” — a very clever remake of “The Girl on the Red Velvet Swing” set in a small French town rather than Mnhattan like the original. It tars Ludivigne Sagnier in the role so memorably created by Joan Collins

  3. Correction: “Le Boucher” In “Farenheit 451” Truffaut cast an actor playing a member of the TV “Family” who looks like chbraol

  4. Chabrol (I need more coffee!)

  5. Agreed – one of the greatest.

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