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VISITORS, a short film — kind of a home movie — from Giulio Questi — from 2006. Does not appear on his IMDb page.

The purest kind of film — not made for any specific audience or platform we know of, just Questi working through his guilt from killing fascists in WWII. The same events that informed DJANGO KILL, by his own account.

He plays himself, and all the other roles. He evidently self-shot, with a shitty camera, and self-cut with shitty software. And it’s very compelling. It beats Ken Russell’s late-period home movies, which are mainly dick jokes, because it’s about something. Admittedly, dick jokes are a central part of Russell’s outlook (and his indomitability, and the unique symmetry of his career, are wondrous), but violence and guilt and death are clearly at least as important to Questi. I hope you can overlook the obvious technical shortcomings and appreciate the personal vision.

The film is dark and disturbing, but Questi’s unique sense of humour is also very much present. And it’s also a science fiction ghost story.

Thanks to Gungi