May mourning

After a slight delay, our copy of THE INDIAN TOMB finally arrived from Masters of Cinema. The Watson-Cairns video essay on this one expanded to a whopping 45 mins, as our mission, which initially seemed not too exciting, became more and more fascinating and emotional the more we learned about director Joe May in our research, and the more interested we got in weaving his history together with those of collaborators Fritz Lang, Thea Von Harbou and Conrad Veidt.

One interesting discovery was the “Stuart Webbs” series of detective dramas which helped establish May (and Lang). We were unable to see even a single partial example of this series, but the posters are sure pretty.

Our essay is also available on the US release of the TOMB from Kino.

5 Responses to “May mourning”

  1. Are you at all familiar with Alain Resnais’unmade “assion project’ “The Adventures of Harry Dickson”?An adaptation by Fredeic de Towarnicki *a Heiddigeracolyte) of Jean Ray’s tales of a detective who often finds himself amist supernatural circimstances it was to have starred Dirk Bogarde and Delphine Seyrig and shot in 70mm. The massve screenplay with phtographs by Resnais has long been available from Capprici

  2. I’m fascinated by the idea of that one, and of Fellini’s Mandrake the Magician (which I don’t think got so far along). Resnais’ love of comic books and pulp fiction is one of his intriguing contradictions.

  3. He wrote for a highbrow French comic book revue called “Gif_Wif” plus there’s the famous shot of a pile of comic books in “Tute La Memoire du Monde” In “Intervista” Fellini has Mastroianni appear as Mandrake.

  4. Fellini wasted very little: unmade projects were transformed into A Director’s Notebook and the Milo Manara graphic novel A Trip to Tulum.

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